Dominic and Daphne

Help Dominic get a life-saving rhinostomy

Hello from Dominic

When I couldn’t breathe last year, it took  some time to get me diagnosed because my case was one of those that were  hard to pinpoint the cause of. Bunnies like me are mostly just put to sleep, but I was lucky because my rescue persevered and had many tests and scans done to get to the bottom of what exactly caused my breathing difficulty. It turned out, it was my dental disease! My tooth roots penetrated and deformed my nasal passages, causing pus and muck to accumulate there. It got to the point where that I had to breathe through my mouth, which is unnatural and painful for us rabbits.

After getting my diagnosis, we had to find an exotics vet who would be able to help me. Most vets said I needed to go to the Bridge, but what I really needed was the expensive and very complex procedure of rhinostomy. (more…)

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Chester and Honey

Chester and Honey

Hello from your boy Chester

Remember me when I arrived to Helicopter Ears? A young and handsome boy I was? Well, Honey likes me too. In fact, she loves me. Yes, we are a couple.

I was adopted by two great bunny people—Hayley and her mum Sandra, so we also have two mums. We are a pair of very well loved bunnies. You see, our favourite thing to do is making them laugh. Perhaps, it is for this that we are so adored.

They were a little apprehensive because they’ve never had a bunny as large as me, but I am super cute and a fantastic pet (although not very modest). We love running around the garden and exploring, as well as cuddles and eating, of course. We also like to have our photos taken so that we can send them to Helicopter Ears to say hello.

Chester ♥

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Holly and Derek

Holly and Derek

Hello from Holly and Derek

We were both adopted from Helicopter Ears (Holly about two years ago and  Derek—only this winter) by our mummy Samantha. We also have our dad Ollie living with us; he runs our errands and does the chores such as cleaning. There’s also Chunky the cat, a few fish, Lily the dog, and two other bunnies too—Violet and Skye. We guess you can safely say we are a multi-pet household. There is a huge house for us to live in, which has an attached run, and we also go out a lot. Today we were out in the garden. There’s grass, sunshine and all that … but then mummy brought us dandelions! And that’s how she managed to take these pictures because normally you won’t get us to sit still.

Our house has a little bit of the sad story behind it. It used to say Holly & Stapeley on the front, but Stapeley had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone misses Stapeley. He was such a loving cuddle-bun. But now Derek has moved in and that cheered up our mum (and Holly!) immensely. There’s nothing like giving a home to somebunny who needs it to cheer you up when you’re down, is there?

We also used to have a bunny called Smudge live with us, who was very old. In fact, he was ancient. He had to go to be with Stapeley. But he’s a part of our family, so we include his photo too in our gallery.

Life is ups and downs, arrivals and departures, happiness and sadness, but for now, we have each other and we have our mum and dad and all our friends and we have our house—and we are happy! Especially on a gorgeous sunny day like we had today. We hope you have had a good day too, and if you didn’t, we hope that our post will brighten it up for you a little.

Holly and Derek ♥

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Meadow and Magic

Hello from Meadow and Magic

Meadow and MagicWe are writing with an update and attaching a photo of us snoozing in our favourite spot on the sofa.

Magic was a Helicopter Ears bunny adopted to live here some time ago, with help of our fantastic and marvellous Beds South RSPCA. Meadow came to live here in July, also from Helicopter Ears. We have settled in together right away, and we feel like we have been with our family forever. It was obviously meant to be.

We are great friends and are always grooming each other, although Magic believes grooming should be split 80/20, and luckily, Meadow does not mind!

Our favourite thing to do is running and exploring the garden. Then, we come in the house to explore more and to snooze on the sofa. It is suspected that Meadow is part mountain goat because she can jump onto the tallest of furniture, and she will get onto anything and squeeze into the tightest of spaces. She is trouble! She particularly enjoys testing out the rabbit-proofing and has a special place in her heart for cables and wires of various kinds, and so our people had to seriously bunny proof the conservatory where we often spend the night.

Thank you to everyone at Helicopter Ears, and by this, we mean also all of you, Helicopter Ears’s supporters,  from Magic, Meadow and the Jones family.

Magic and Meadow ♥

P.S. And here’s a small gallery of our times at Helicopter Ears.

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Our use of Manuka honey in rabbits

Manuka HoneyWe have extensively utilised the amazing healing properties of Manuka honey in treating rabbits at Helicopter Ears. Even NHS hospitals now use it post-operatively and for infected wounds that have not responded to antibiotics, and your vet will almost certainly send you home with a tube if your rabbit has open wounds (e.g. due to abscesses left open to drain). Due to its supreme effectiveness in difficult-to-treat infections, demand for Manuka honey has soared, and many different brands and certifications sprang up. You can pick up a jar of the 24+ factor for about £10, and few people know that similar size jars of some other brands’ lesser factor may cost about £60 and that the difference in medicinal value between them can be likened to that between chamomile tea and antibiotics. So here’s what I found out about Manuka honey when I delved into certifications, brands, factors, peroxide activity, “active” labels. (more…)

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A day of running in the rabbitry

Frankie runs!

Hello from Frankie. Today, I went out in the bun-yard for the first time, and wow! What a big rabbitry we have outside! I never realised I owned all this land! I said hi to every bunny imaginable, I believe. We have grey ones and white ones and orange ones and brown ones and black ones and blue ones and wild ones too… I didn’t remember anybody’s names because all I wanted to do was to run and I wasn’t concerned with the introductions all that much. Here’s a few photos for you to enjoy.

I was not allowed to stay out the whole day because I have sore hocks and no boots. But, hopefully, my hocks will heal soon and I’ll be come out a lot more. Maybe… possibly, I will even meet a friend here.

Frankie ♥

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Rusty unpacking vegetables

Rusty’s shopping trip

Hello from Rusty

I came to Helicopter Ears in July 2015 with eight of my friends. I am too old to be rehomed (I don’t for one minute believe that I’m old!), so I’m staying here at Helicopter Ears as a resident.

When my friend Furby went to the bridge, I took over in the Stocks and Supplies manager’s capacity. It took me quite a while to get into the role because I like to rest a lot. I also love sleeping, eating, sitting, and getting groomed by my friend Rita. In other words, I’m a lot lazier than Furby was.

But I manage. For example, we have recently run out of greenery at Helicopter Ears, so I sent Oksana out in our car to buy us some vegetables. I entrusted her with Helicopter Ears’s bank account card and said, “I need sweedes, carrots … the bunched type please! Thimble needs basil. Dominic needs raspberries, blueberries, bananas. Roy would like some dill. Frankie needs heaps of coriander. All the outdoor hutches need to be supplied with swedes, apples, spring greens. Herby and Star demand kale.”

She struggled to keep up with me by writing everything down!

The car is now back with the goodies. Rita and I are unpacking our bags. Here is photographic evidence of us hard at work.

Rusty ♥


To see more Rusty’s posts and posts about him, click here.

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Resting from all the rolling

Thimble’s petition

Dear Pets at Home

My name is Thimble. I am one of the tens of thousands of rabbits who are not impressed by your Easter ban on rabbit sales because I’m one of the tens of thousands who get neglected, put to sleep due to lack knowledge about proper rabbit care, or get abandoned each year. I petition you to either take the Responsible Approach to selling rabbits or stop selling us altogether.

My friend and I were sold together at one of your stores as a Christmas present for children. Shortly after, I became ill. The father brought me to a vet, but this was not to make me better. He was not willing to pay for my consultation, treatment or medications; all he wanted was me to be put to sleep because it was cheaper for him to buy a new rabbit for the children than to get me treated. A vet nurse managed to persuade him to sign me over to a rescue who would get me diagnosed and treated because I had a good chance of recovery, and I was fighting for my life, showing that I was not ready to be put to sleep. I am now in good hands, and I am getting all the diagnostics and treatment I need because people at the rescue treat me as family, not as cheap, disposable goods.

So this is my story. At only 22 weeks old, I was given up in my illness, abandoned by the family and children whom I loved, and separated from my bunny friend because of irresponsible selling by Britain’s largest pet store. (more…)

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Showing off my new penthouse flat


Hello from Kiwi

I am a very ill bunny. Last year, I was sold by Pets at Home as an 18th Birthday gift for a girl who, glad as she was to have me, knew nothing about rabbits or looking after us. She wasn’t ready for a bunny or planning on getting one and neither did her dad in whose house she lived. She didn’t know about our illnesses or what to look out for, and my illness went unnoticed for some time. My vet thinks it started from a cat attack. I think so too.

When it was finally spotted that I felt unwell, my owner could not afford to take me to a vet because she didn’t even have a job. I was taken to a vet by a family member, Helen, and then returned to my owner who didn’t really know how to care for my wounds or what to look out for to know if they are getting better or worse. Now I am ill again—very ill this time—and I need a big operation as well as a complex, involved, time-consuming aftercare. My owner just got her first job, and she is not going to have time to look after me at all. Helen again took me to a vet, but the vet said that the prognosis is not good and it’s best to put me to sleep as my owner doesn’t know how to care for me. My previous owner was very upset that I became this ill and she wanted to do what’s right for me and to give me a chance, so Helen convinced her that it is best to send me to a rescue where I will get all the care that I need. (more…)

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Dominic is going to a vet. Again.

Hello from Dominic! I have lived at Helicopter Ears since November 2011. I don’t even want to think about where I lived before because that wasn’t a very nice place. When I came here, I was thin as a bunny could be and with a lot of pain in my mouth.

This is the first ever photo of me being picked up from the shop where I was dumped.
This is the first ever photo of me being picked up from the shop where I was dumped.

It was pure luck that I got noticed, rescued, and brought to Helicopter Ears. My previous owners dumped me at a pet store. The store’s colleagues took me to a vet from whom Oksana was collecting a hedgehog. While the vet was looking over me and in no uncertain terms expressing her horror at my condition (she was saying that putting me to sleep was going to be the best option), Oksana evesdropped. Then she came up to the vet, and said, “Excuse me, I overheard your conversation.” And then she asked if I could be signed over to her for rescue, treatment, and retirement at Helicopter Ears. And I was – with a list of about 16 conditions that the vet thought I had and which had to be cured and managed.

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