Welcome to Helicopter Ears, where we’ve been rescuing chronically ill and disabled rabbits and campaigned for rabbit welfare since 2011.

A home to special-needs rabbits

With many dedicated supporters, we fundraised incredible amounts and saved many who had no hope.

Research & advice

Having cared for many rabbits with rare and complicated conditions, we have worked with many of the country’s leading vets. We always learn something new and share our experience.

And more …

Helicopter Ears is not just about rabbits. We helped pet ferrets, rats, chinchillas, hamsters, and cats. With help of our amazingly generous supporters, we were able to save Barry the dog and give him a forever home. We help wildlife too, including birds, hedgehogs, and let’s not forget our resident frog Bud and his buddies!

What it’s all about

Since starting Helicopter Ears, we have met many wonderful friends and amazing people just as passionate about rabbits as we are. But it’s not all been fun and binkies. The more rabbits we took in, the more people rang and emailed asking us to take in more.

On more than one occasion we nearly gave up. And we quickly learned one thing: rabbit rescues are fighting a losing battle. We have to change how we work, and we must to rethink what we do to help rabbits.

If we saved every rabbit today, we’d be back to where we started before the shops close tomorrow.

Helicopter Ears Patreon intro

We need to campaign for a change within our pet industry. We need to change public perception of rabbits as easy, starter pets. Rabbits need a real change. We must confront the cause of the problem. And we need your help to do it.

Get involved!

Become a patron

We started our Patreon community in 2018, and joining it remains the best way to show your support. You will get access to early previews and supporter-only content—and you will sponsor a bunny at the same time!


Or you can sponsor your favourite with a one-time donation, and we will send you a sponsorship certificate and monthly updates for the duration of the sponsorship.

Follow & share

We are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and we have a YouTube channel.

Other ways to help

We run an Amazon wish list. You can donate proceeds from eBay sales to us through eBay charities. You can send one-off and recurring PayPal donations or donate directly to our UK bank account (click here to find out more).

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