Rabbits as children’s pets

If you’re looking for a quick answer, here it is: Rabbits do NOT make good pets for children. Full stop. If you’re looking for a detailed one, I’ll describe an experience I once had with an Amazon delivery driver. After I signed for the delivery, the man asked if I happened to keep rabbits: he […]

Victor is back

I’m back and taking my medication.

I’m Annabelle, not Snoopy

Yes, my name is Annabelle, I may look like the bunderful Snoopy who lived here a while ago. That is where the similarities end. Mike still expects to be bitten when feeding me, but I’m the gentle loving kind and will lick his hand instead. My thing is hay, oh boy do I love it. […]

Windy ducks

Hello, friends! Dukcs here. This week has been so windy we stayed in our run and couldn’t tease Barry—our favourite thing to do. We don’t like the wind. Thankfully, our run is very weatherproof, and Mike has brought us a pan to use as a mini-pond, and dukc food, too. Still, we can’t wait for […]

Dumpling’s update

Hello. Dumpling here. I moved outside so that my sick friend Victor could move into my room. He was living outside with his friend Alice, but he was being so naughty his fosterer Fiona was struggling to give his medicine to him. He knows not to play about with Kim behind the syringe! Now back […]

Barry’s Update

Hi to all my loving fans. Barry is the name and duck watching is my game. I can spend hours looking out at them. If only I could chase them! I can make it look as if I’m rounding them up, but nooooo … Mike reckons I’m not ready for ducks or rabbits, so I’ll […]

Coming soon

Helicopter Ears blog is on its way. Please check again soon!

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