Hermione’s story

Hello! My name is Hermione (or Hermi for short). I came to live at Helicopter Ears just before Christmas 2013. I had a big open wound on my face, and my vets didn’t think I would survive—but I did. I am now a resident here because I have health issues, and I’m looking for sponsors. Here’s my […]

Hello, Brian!

Last week, we brought a magpie home. It wasn’t there as we went to our local shop, which is just across the road, but on our way back, it was sitting on the grass verge, by a busy road, concussed, bleeding, and helpless. Michael said, ‘That bird is not right.’ And yes, he wasn’t. He […]

It takes two to Tango

The hardest decision you’ll ever make: Part I As a child, I had several pet hamsters and a pet rat. My father is fond of cats, and we always had a cat. But never a dog. As soon as Michael and I got married, we started talking about getting a one. I fancied a German […]

Rabbits as children’s pets

If you’re looking for a quick answer, here it is: Rabbits do NOT make good pets for children. Full stop. If you’re looking for a detailed one, I’ll describe an experience I once had with an Amazon delivery driver. After I signed for the delivery, the man asked if I happened to keep rabbits: he […]

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