Windy ducks

Hello, friends! Dukcs here. This week has been so windy we stayed in our run and couldn’t tease Barry—our favourite thing to do. We don’t like the wind. Thankfully, our run is very weatherproof, and Mike has brought us a pan to use as a mini-pond, and dukc food, too. Still, we can’t wait for the wind to stop so we can use our ducketful pond again, especially as the filter has just got upgraded, and the water is so clear we can see right to the bottom and fish out all the food we dropped in there. Who knows, there may even be some frogs waiting!

Deborah 🦆, Marcella 🦆 , Harriet 🦆, Kiki 🦆

Dumpling’s update

Hello. Dumpling here. I moved outside so that my sick friend Victor could move into my room. He was living outside with his friend Alice, but he was being so naughty his fosterer Fiona was struggling to give his medicine to him. He knows not to play about with Kim behind the syringe! Now back to me. I’m not all that keen being outside because I’ve got used to my luxuries: soft rugs, log fire and head rubs on demand. Don’t take me wrong it has been good to be next door to Annabelle, Hermoine and see the ducks, but I just can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive. Dumpy ❤

Barry’s Update

Barry duck-watching
Barry duck-watching

Hi to all my loving fans. Barry is the name and duck watching is my game. I can spend hours looking out at them. If only I could chase them! I can make it look as if I’m rounding them up, but nooooo … Mike reckons I’m not ready for ducks or rabbits, so I’ll have to keep practising on the magpies out in the fields. Just when I think I’ve got them they take off, flying low so I can chase them. I love running and all of you. Barry 🐾