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Hello, friends. My name is Paddington. I arrived at Helicopter Ears in 2015 with eight of my friends. We came from the awfulest conditions imaginable, where a breeder kept us living in small carrier crates with water bottles strapped to the front. You can imagine how happy I was to finally get out! All my friends have gone to the Bridge now, some soon on arrival here because of how ill they were, some more recently, and I am the only one of the nine left.

I could never be rehomed because I have heart disease. Recently I have become even more ill and had to have a dental treatment and an abscess removal surgery, which I only just made through because of my heart condition and anaesthesia don’t mix. I am now looking for soponsors because I now need a lot of medication: not only my heart pills, which are two different types, but also painkillers, and antibiotics. I have to go for regular checkups to make sure my abscess doesn’t come back, and I need frequent dentals.

Could you please sponsor me to help me stay as healthy and comfortable as possible in my old age? I really appreciate all  your help.

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